Join The Community in FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 1
Fill Out Form Below


Step 2
Someone Will Screen You


Step 3
Sign Up For The Community


Step 4


Step 1:

This information, including your telephone number, will never be used or sold to a third party for marketing or sales purposes.  Please supply an email address you check often; this will be our primary way to communicate with you.


Step 2: Someone will Screen you


A member of our team will reach out to you for a quick screening survey (the call will take ~3-5 minutes) to confirm that you qualify for the community.  We will schedule this call around your availability.


Step 3: Sign up for the community

If you qualify, you can choose to join the community through a clear confirmation process.

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Step 4: Get paid!

Community members are rewarded with points for each activity they complete, and can cash these in for the equivalent amount on a Visa e-gift card (e.g. 50 points = $50 Visa e-gift card).  You are given the opportunity to participate in a short activity (5-10 minutes) every couple months, while also granting you the opportunity to participate in longer interviews and surveys (30-75 minutes). You are compensated for each activity.  You are compensated more for longer surveys and interviews because of the increased length and level of involvement.

You will be rewarded 30 points just for joining the community.  Then, when you participate in your first short activity (5-10 minutes) you will get will rewarded an additional 20 points, which will give you the 50 points you need for your first $50 Visa e-gift card.  Every time you earn 50 points, you can redeem it for another $50 Visa e-gift card